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Our Story

It was 20 years ago that a young and passionate businessman invested in premium leather with a difference. The result was the creation of SouthBeachLeather. Having searched far and wide, comparing leather manufacture and products, SouthBeachLeather was to become a leading New York registered leather store that offered quality craftsmanship, custom designs, and the most elegant styles. SouthBeachLeather is in Leather Manufacture and Retail for over 20 years! SouthBeachLeather has created a variety of Leather Garments from Kilts, Corsets to Jackets and coats. SouthBeachLeather is constantly working to satisfy each and everyone of its customers. All products made in the SouthBeachLeather factory are made by expert craftsmen and are supervised by professionals. SouthBeachLeather is one of the best leather companies, and it assure all its customers total satisfaction. SouthBeachLeather was the FIRST LEATHER BRAND TO OPEN CUSTOM MADE LEATHER GARMENTS IN 1999. It is SouthBeachLeather's goal to provide high quality product at the best prices available to our customers. Our products are custom made in Pakistan, China and USA. 

The Journey to Quality Leather Manufactured Garments

As a trusted leather manufacturer and retailer, our dedicated team soon recognized a need for well-made leather products that were personalized and reflected the character and needs of our customers. This inspired our custom leather services, including the launch of our website offering tailor-made leather products. In 1999, we became the very first leather brand to offer custom leather garments to the public online. We have proudly worked with a multitude of impressive brands that have served to inspire and establish our retail services. With over a decade of experience in unique leather apparel design and manufacture, we assure our customers that you will find just what you are looking for and at the most valuable prices. 

Discover an Exceptional Leather Range

SouthBeachLeather is specialized in the design and manufacture of the very best leather garments in Long Island, New York. We create contemporary, classic, and vintage styles from kilts and corsets to jackets and coats. Going the extra mile to satisfy our customers, our professional craftsman pays careful attention to every seam and stitch, guaranteeing the quality and the longevity of our leather range.

At SouthBeachLeather, we stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the coolest gear and styles. We also stay true to our origins with an exclusive line of classically designed leather garments. 

Committed to Quality

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality leather garments. Through innovation and market research, we ensure the latest styles with the option to create fully custom pieces.

Stay Connected with the Latest Leather Updates

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Should you be interested in a custom design, please contact us with your phone number, item number, and email address. We will be in touch in no time!

Our Products

Our high quality leather & outstanding quality of hand workmanship. You won't be disappointed with a SouthBeachLeather product. Our goal is to provide the best possible product at the best possible price to all of our customer. Our expert designers are incorporating buyers wants and preferences into a new line of leather products.


If we make an error by wrong cutting or misreading your measurements, or if you think we're guilty of using poor materials or shoddy workmanship, let us know and we'll take steps to solve your issue.


Those interested in wholesale rates can contact us directly. We have a sixteen years of experience in wholesale business.