Designer Racer Piping Leather Jacket
Designer Racer Piping Leather Jacket


Designer Racer Piping Leather Jacket

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Designer Racer Pipping Leather Jacket is a Designers top list jacket specially made for the Racer . It consists of four chest-front zipper pockets plus two side zipper pockets. The Zipper opener lets the jacket stand out with it brilliant 6 front zipper pockets. Another addition to this Hot Designers Jacket is it's Cuff to Elbow Zip that makes it accessible for the wearer and gives some Stand-out features. The cool designs near the side zipper and the arms makes it more dashing and stylish. White and Black coordinating again, In this Leather Racer Jacket the Exterior piping is done in White color that makes the Pipping Racer Jacket more eye-catching. Color and Style editing Options are available, contact us for further information.


  • Four Chest-Front Zipper-Pockets
  • Two Zipper-Side Pockets
  • White Pipping Exterior
  • Cuff to Elbow Zip
  • Round plain collar
  • Awesome Side Zipper Design
  • One Inside Pocket
  • Polyester Inside Lining
  • 100% Genuine Leather

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