Leather Bed Sheet With Two Red Pillow


Red & Black Leather King Size / Queen Size Bed Sheet (Can also be used as a Bedspread or Leather Comforter)-- complete with TWO black leather pillow cases. Bed sheet Can also be used as a decorative throw for a very large piece of furniture, or laid out to turn that special room into a leather paradise-in any case, having a large leather surface is always a treat.-especially at a very affordable price. This is a pretty spectacular item and will definitely be an incredible addition to your leather environment! Bed sheet is fully lined with SATIN for smooth fit and placement. Bed sheets - Bedspreads like these can cost upwards of $ 1500, especially custom made. We have our own manufacturing setup so we can offer such low price for top quality leather products, Reseller: Please write us email, If you are looking something special requirements please email us.