Marble & Leather Vase
Marble & Leather Vase
Marble & Leather Vase
Marble & Leather Vase


Marble & Leather Vase

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Allude to a luxurious sense of style in your space with the decadent design of the Marble & Leather Vase from SBL.

No more frantically searching for utensils grey or while cooking! Keep all your kitchen tools and gadgets at easy-reach with this Marble Utensil Holder. This stylish holder adds convenience and elegance to any kitchen. Made of beautiful marble, this durable utensil holder has a protective bottom to keep your counter top unmarked. Large enough to fit all your whisks, spatulas, tongs, and ladles and heavy enough to avoid tips and spills! This is a perfect addition for any cook's kitchen! A balance of elegant design and hidden order renders our utensil holder a counter top original.

Decoration Purpose:

This Marble Utensil can play a major role in the decoration of your Kitchen. It can be showcased as a Spoon Holder, Spatula holder or Marble desk accessory. This Marble Utensil Holder can also be a perfect way to flaunt your wealth. Natural marble tones and grains complement your contemporary home with luxurious looks to suit your timeless palette ,Fill with your favourite potted cacti or herbs for mini-planter cuteness or house a bunch of fresh blooms to revive your decor
Display in a sweet vignette in your living room or dining area for a sense of decadent, modern style . Now you can Order without any worries or second thoughts. Perfectly fits our Marble Lazy Susan. See other listings of SBL. 


HAND-MADE: This Marble Utensil is carved and polished by the hands of marble-smiths.

Leather strap around the vase features two studs for a finished design full of texture and character. 

SIZE: 4.2" Diameter X 6" Height, making it super easy for you to reach the items inside. 

COLOR:This Utensil holder is made out of Pure Natural Marble Stone which makes Each and Every utensil holder unique in its colorNatural marble is carved into a unique, angular shape for durability and contemporary good looks  pattern and design.

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