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I purchased South Beach Leather’s Mad Max replica MFP pants in cowhide to use as part of my full MFP uniform, and after wearing them to the Road Warrior Weekend Event 2009, I have to say that I’m very pleased with my purchase. I provided my waist and inseam measurements with my online order and they arrived, about a week later,The leather is supple with a very smooth grain and uniform color. (Try them on and see if you don’t keep running your hands over them. Probably best to do this at home.) They are lined with a light polyester down to the knee. The fit around my hips/butt is perfect, They were also too long, but I was probably too generous with my inseam measurement. No big deal; I made a quick “adjustment” with scissors.Before I actually wore them with my boots I was considering putting an elastic stirrup on the legs to keep them tucked, but I found that unnecessary. The pants fit well inside my boots and don’t ride up. They are "hemmed" using fusible web, not stitched. (Again, I cut mine off with scissors and probably won’t bother to hem them, as they will always be tucked into my boots.) The lack of a seam at the knees and the absence of pockets (front or back) make for a very clean look.These pants are simply a pleasure to wear, with enough flex in them that you can walk around normally. (When it got really cold, I put a pair of thermal pants on underneath, and they stretched to accommodate me.) If you’re looking for pants for your MM1 MFP uniform (or just a pair of leather pants with clean lines) you can’t go wrong with these. I’m already planning my next purchase from SBL.
Curtis Gropp
Huntington Beach, CA


BY Curtis Gropp


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